The Nuremberg Trials

Last Friday my groupmates and I were invited to the Opera House to listen to a lecture. To be honest, I don’t like such crowded events, but when I saw the topic on the tickets, I got interested and intrigued. I have never heard about the Nuremberg trials, and the first thing that crossed my mind was how great that the horrors and heroism of the war is remembered not only on the 9th of May.

In fact, it wasn’t a lecture of itself, it was a movie about 13 trials that took place in Nuremberg and was conducted to bring the Nazi war criminals. Such movies are vital nowadays, because year after year we pay less and less attention to the war, how destroying and murderous it is and to what consequences it leads. It is especially important to remember now, when the economic and political situations are not stable, and when people are being pitted against each other.

After the movie we had an opportunity to see the director, Dmitry Zvyagintsev. I’m grateful to him for coming and telling the story of his work and how those events touched his own family. It gave me an opportunity to feel the pain for people even deeper, and I hope my generation understands the message, will remember the history and will never make war again.

Nobody has been forgotten and nothing has been forgotten, and let’s keep it this way!



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