Practice Month Part 1

Hellooo, my dear friends! Long time no se (duh, almost a month!)

I have so much to tell you. So, get some cocoa with marshmallows and prepare for an interesting story:)

Let’s get started with my teaching practice. Before its beginning I didn’t have any particular emotions, to be honest – no fear, no excitement. I’ve been tutoring for several years, so I wasn’t nervous. My supervisor and me decided it would be beneficial to have my practice at the language center, so I gladly agreed.

Our practice is divided into 2 parts – at first we should attend classes, listen to the teachers, make notes etc. I have a great amount of work – writing the reports on my practice; preparing for TOEFL (will tell you about it soon!); writing a CV and motivation letter; getting all the necessary documents for Europe ready (ohhh I’ve just remembered one story about it, omg, I have so much to tell you!!); English homework and outstanding assignments (I’m sorry, Ms.B, I’ll send you everything!); Spanish homework and new words learning; working on my thesis; reading; work with my own students; sports; and it’s not even a complete list. It’s all fine but seems a bit endless:)Sometimes I feel like I work, work, work, but nothing really gets done. But let’s not talk about sad stuff:) So, I decided to finish my practice earlier by working more and harder and accomplishing all the tasks in 2 weeks, not in a month. On some days I even left home at 7.40 and got back at 21 (I live quite far from this center). I was listening to the teacher, writing the analyses, the reports, and I was done with the 1st part in a week. Then the most interesting part came… That I’ll tell you about in my next post;)