As American as apple pie

Jazz is a significant American contribution to the world of music.It is, as they say, ‘as American as apple pie.’ Featuring fashion and cultural changes, this genre has been constantly developing throughout history.

Have you ever pondered what message jazz conveys? It is always a story, a conversation with the audience. They say that jazz is a reflection of major American values. Let me share my point of view.

One of the most prominent features of jazz is improvisation. It purely reflects one of the main characteristics of an American person — flexibility. Jazz is music of feelings, so musicians embellish their melody, because genuine emotions cannot always be written down in sheet music. And so Americans are loath to follow a dull and monotonous way of life. They easily adjust to circumstances.

Change is always regarded as a positive thing in the American culture. And so the genre of music in question has been perpetually evolving, featuring more and more new styles. Just think of the fusion of jazz and electronic music — incredible!

The idea of individualism is crucial for Americans. It has reverberations in jazz music. Everyone has a right to express themselves without being ashamed. And at the same time, all the solos form a harmonious ensemble, and it is what American people also cherish — unity.

Hard work is essential for Americans, they consider it the key to success. Being a jazz musician or a soloist, you should hone your skills all the time, otherwise, you’ll never manage to outperform others.

Jazz is freedom. Jazz is open-mindness and boundless spirit. Jazz is a representation of the noblest American values.