TOEFL Practice

Hi there! It’s 1 a.m. and it means it’s time to… study!😅 From now on I’m going to report on my progress in the TOEFL preparation. I have begun with vocabulary flashcards. I went straight to the section “Hard Words” and was pleased by the number of words…

Hello, friends! I should say that I genuinely enjoy ‘The Lost Girl’ not only for content but also for its profound vocabulary and diverse grammar structures. That is why I would like to continue exploring this magnificent world and share some things with you.

  1. Petulant — behaving in an angry…

Hello, my friends. I’m reading ‘The Lost Girl’ by David Lawrence, and I would like to share some great words, the context from the book, and their synonyms and antonyms with you:) at the end a surprise will be waiting for you!

  1. Seclusion (the state of being alone, away from…

Destination of America

Hi there! Yesterday I took a test on general knowledge of American history. It’s quite a miserable result, but as we were told earlier today — ’It’s ok to make mistakes’. A small remark — it’s ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. I’m glad I had a chance to expand my knowledge! I felt especially flabbergasted by the fact that the term “melting pot” came from a play that surprisingly (!) told a story of two Russians!

Magical World of Classics

Hello, my dear readers! Today we are opening our book club where we will share insights, sentiments and significant conclusions. Are you excited? I am!

Let me start. This August I felt like taking up some decent reading, and oh boy, how wrong I was to…

There Are So Many Things We Don’t Know We Don’t Know

Today I visited the website of the project «What Every American Should Know». I tried to imagine myself discussing the given issues… There are so many things I don’t know or my knowledge is superficial, and even more of…

Baby Steps in GRE

Hi there! I continue my course on Memrise. 7 new words! (Well, okay, 5, because press and verdict are familiar)

Ted. The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain

Good evening! The topic of bilingualism, especially in the early years of children’s life, has always been appealing to me. That’s is why I decided to delve deeper into studying it. Here’s an informative and picturesque Ted about the perks of learning a secondary language in childhood with some vivid examples. Enjoy!

And here’s my script:

A Great Tool to Learn New Words

Hello, everyone! I took up Memrise, an app that helps learn and practice new words. At first I did some work on IELTS 8.5, but the words were too easy (like abundance or apathetic). More sophisticated ones were going to be given later, but I wanted to face the challenge straight away. That’s why I started another course — Hard Words for GRE. And they didn’t lie in the title.😄 My dictionary became 12 words reacher, and that’s only after 30 minutes of practice!

My favorite part is that I learned 4 new words for “newbie/beginner”, because that is what I feel like when it comes to GRE…

I’d like to share with you:





New Year — New Knowledge!

Heyyyyy my dear friends, long time no see! How’ve you been?

I want to start this challenging but exciting, thrilling, breathtaking, hectic year with sharing something cool with you. You ask me where I know all those synonyms from? That’s not a secret!

To find…

Sasha Birulina👐

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